Sponsored Content Ad Specifications

Sponsored Content is designed to present as an article sponsored by the advertiser; it should be educational and provide the reader with new information. Similar to an article, it should not be a description of your company or products; however, you may include company branding and product or service references in the conclusion. Sponsored Content is not a traditional advertisement and should be unique and informative. Sponsored Content ads generate lead contacts that advertisers can follow up with.

Best Practices:

Advertising the same Sponsored Content in consecutive issues or multiple non-consecutive issues (unless separated by at least two months) generally reduces the likelihood of reader engagement – much like if the same article ran in consecutive / multiple issues.


MPA Media will assemble your Sponsored Content Page once the materials have been received.

Please provide the following:

  • Header Copy:
    • For 1 line, max character count = 68
    • For 2 lines, max character count = 130
    • For 3 lines, max character count = 200

  • Content Copy: 1130 to maximum 1580 characters recommended

  • Call to Action Copy (for button)

  • Call to Action URL

  • Choice of: Video or Image (appears above the headline):
    • Video: Provide a link to a YouTube or Vimeo hosted video (45 seconds or less is recommended)
    • Image: 1400 X 900 Pixels @72dpi (horizontal rectangle recommended)

  • Optional Additional Image (default placement below article):
    1400 X 900 Pixels @72dpi (horizontal rectangle recommended).
    • Optional Image Caption (appears under the image):
      • For 1-line, max character count = 52
      • For 2 lines, max character count = 100

  • A maximum 6 URLs can be applied throughout the page


Sponsored Content Video Example:

Sponsored Content Image Example:


For advertising rates contact us at 714-679-4003 or advertising@mpamedia.com.