Live Digital Landing Pages Ad Specifications

Live Digital Landing Pages (LDLP)

A dedicated landing page, hosted on your site, inserted into any of our Digital Editions.

Here's an example:

Responsive Client Demo

Live Digital Landing Page Content

We recommend including some information from the print ad campaign, but your landing page can also include: Videos, Download links, Requests for information, Active information input fields, order forms, etc.


UTM TRACKING CODE The following link will help define the parameters of a UTM tracking code:

  • Other tracking codes can be included, for clients who do not use Google Analytics.
  • Your Live Digital Landing Page will appear in the digital edition as long as the reader has internet connectivity. If they do not have connectivity, then the reader will see your print ad.

Technical Details

To build your responsive Live Digital Landing Page:

Live Demo Page:

  1. Make sure <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"/> is included in the document header.
  2. Set a max container width, in this case it is 900px.
  3. Create header image at 900px wide that will fit across the max container width. And declares in CSS as the max-width: 100%.
  4. Create a product image at max-width 380px, that <div> tag will fit in left side of the container (assign 50% width in style sheet). Apply margin / padding as necessary.
  5. Create a form and drop in product description, which will fit In right side of the container (assign 50% width in style sheet). Apply margin/padding as necessary.
  6. The content will flow according to the type of device the page is viewed on, either side by side or from top to bottom.
  7. Remember to include CSS class information in your image tags, for any additional images you include your Live Digital Landing Page.

<img class="banner" src="">

Links on Live Digital Landing Pages

When optimizing a landing page for use in our Live Digital Landing Pages, all links (including form submission confirmation pages) should target a new browser window or tab. This is required so only the dedicated Live Digital Landing Page will need to be optimized to fit within the Digital Edition page dimensions.

Targeting a new browser window:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Any design variations to this sample file will require testing.

General Specifications

Dynamic Chiropractic and Acupuncture Today Full Tab Advertisers

  • Self-hosted on your site (site needs to be a secure site)
  • URL (Link) to your Responsive Live Digital Landing Page
  • Max Width: 900 pixels
  • Page Height: 1425 pixels (visual opening), infinite height with vertical scrolling
  • Horizontal Scrolling: No

Horizontal scrolling creates a poor user experience. Use a max width of 900 pixels.

Other Helpful Resources

The following links may also be useful in developing your responsive Live Digital Landing Page:

The following link may be useful in coding video files to behave responsively on your Live Digital Landing Page:


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