Custom Email Services Package

MPA Media's Custom Email Services Package allow you the ability to reach the health care providers you may not currently be reaching. E-mails from your custom database are branded specifically to your company. You can reach out to providers monthly or even more often with custom targeted messaging.

Three custom list options to choose from:

  • Complete List – e-mail to our complete list of providers
  • Unique List – e-mail to only those providers on our e-mail list that you are not currently reaching
  • Combined List – merge our list with yours to create a super list of both your providers and ours

Your Custom Database Set-up Includes:

  • Custom Domain
  • Unique IP Address
  • Unique Message Content
  • Feed Back Loop/Bounce Back Maintenance/Branded Unsubscribe & Maintenance
  • Viewable stats via the Advertising Resource Center (ARC)

Custom Email Services E-Blast Layout/Specs:

  • Use Your Own Email Layout
    • W=550 x H=n/a
    • Acceptable files: gif, jpg, pdf / Preferred file: html
    • Please provide the URL link and subject line with submitted email layout
    • Cannot be animated with Flash
  • Custom Layout
    • Allow MPA Media to use our expertise and assist you with your layout and graphics (additional fees apply)


For more information and pricing on Custom Email Services Package contact us at 1-800-324-7758 or e-mail us at